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Since last May, Ryanair has changed the rules on hand luggage (which it had already changed in November 2018). The company has not made an official announcement. Passengers found themselves having to choose between a new option. For a fee. And consumer associations are already in revolt. The complaint started at the beginning of June. For those who have to book a flight with this airline, there are still many doubts. Let us be clear.

What baggage you can take on board

All passengers have the right to bring on board a small personal bag that must be placed under the front seat. It can be a bag, a laptop bag or a small backpack. The dimensions must not exceed those allowed, i.e. 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm. This is the only free baggage that can be checked in.

What has changed since 1 May

From May 1, 2019 Ryanair has introduced a new possibility that allows everyone to embark on a second piece of hand luggage for 10 euros even without having the Priority. This service allows you to take a piece of luggage of 10 kg* and measures 55x40x20 cm that must be left at the baggage delivery counter and not taken to the gate, otherwise you will incur a penalty and the suitcase will still be taken into the hold. The baggage will then be picked up by the passenger at the baggage carousel at the airport of arrival. You can also add your 10 kg baggage directly at the airport check-in desk, but you will have to pay an additional fee.

How much does it cost to ship the trolley?

If you check your baggage at the time of your initial online booking, the cost for 10 kg baggage is 10 euros. If you add it to the baggage counter, the cost increases to 20 euros, otherwise, if purchased at the boarding gate, the cost becomes 25 euros. This baggage must be deposited at the baggage claim desk before passing through the security checkpoint, and then collected at the baggage claim area at the destination airport.

What the Priority provides

If you have purchased the Priority (or a ticket with a Plus/Flexi fare), you can take two pieces of hand luggage on a Ryanair flight. The smaller bag must be placed under the seat and the dimensions remain the same for all (40x20x25 cm). The additional baggage must not exceed 10 kg, must not exceed 55x40x20 cm (must be able to be placed in the baggage meter) and will be placed in the hat boxes at the top of the cabin. The hat boxes are therefore reserved exclusively for Priority passengers. The Priority also allows you to take advantage of priority boarding — at the gate there is a queue on purpose — and has a cost ranging between 6 and 12 euros (depending on the period of high or low season). The Priority service is however limited to a small number of passengers, so those who do not intend to separate from their hand luggage will have to buy well in advance the ticket to be able to use it, certainly when you book the trip. For those who want to be sure that they can take their trolley with them, purchasing Priority is the best advice.

Useful info

For those who still don’t know, there are already mini trolleys that measure 40x20x25 cm, so if the trip is very short and does not last more than a weekend, it may be that this small luggage is enough to hold everything you need. The important thing is that the luggage can be placed under the seat in front. The hat boxes are reserved for passengers with priority boarding.

At the Ryanair check-in and gate, new baggage meters have been placed, adapted to the new dimensions.

*Baggage weight of 10 kg is charged because, if it exceeds the established weight, a surcharge will be applied for each additional kilogram.

Only those travelling with an infant or a child under two years of age are allowed to bring an extra small bag of up to 5 kg. No hand luggage is provided for children between 8 days and 23 months travelling in the lap of an adult.

We remind you that bulky hand luggage will be refused at the gate or, if possible, boarded in the hold of the aircraft against payment of a penalty of 50 euros (subject to VAT on domestic flights at the rates in force in the country).

According to Ryanair, the main benefits of the new regulation would be the reduction of flight delays, but in fact, the cost of baggage is an additional cost for travelers. The Antitrust Authority, however, does not see it exactly like this.


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