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A short guide, born from experience, on how to find flights online with maximum savings.

Here are 5 simple tips to save money when you are looking for a flight to book:

1. Time is money

If the dates of departure and return are already defined, then you should book as soon as possible. This allows you to have more travel options and prices.

If, on the other hand, dates are flexible, it should be borne in mind that airlines’ pricing models are particularly flexible, so it is worthwhile:

  • Isolate the search for the outward and return journey, it is better to do two separate searches and then combine them;
  • To have an overview of the entire month, in this way you can see the starting prices of the individual days and be able to decide the best for your pocket;
  • Book on Monday, it is the same Skyscanner who tells us;
  • Do not book during the weekend;
  • Flying on Friday;
  • Do not fly on Sundays.

2. Navigate incognito

The first rule to follow is to surf the web in unknown mode, vice versa the more you look for that particular flight the more this price will increase. The famous cookies are the culprits, in fact with the latter you will be tracked online by marking every step taken during your searches.


the more you search for the flight = the more cookies will track your search = the more the price of the flight will increase

This is a simple strategy adopted by the airlines with the sole aim of putting haste and anxiety to the possible buyer of flights online. In this way, the purchase of the flight will take place in a much shorter time.

The solution is equally simple, in fact you just need to navigate your browser in anonymous/unknown mode. In this way no one will know which flight you are looking for and the price of the flight will remain unchanged every time you go to monitor it.

Navigating incognito is simple and you can do it both from your computer and from your mobile phone, on any browser.

3. One site is not enough

The sites where you can find rates and promotions are many, maybe too many, and too often we end up spending more than we wanted.

So as not to make mistakes it is good to know that:

it is better to do the same search on several sites: the price aggregators of the different airlines, allow us to have a nice overview of all the fares of different airlines for the chosen route.

Here are some of these sites:

  • compare the price on the airlines’ website: once you have found the best price for your needs, compare the same route directly on the airline’s website. Often sites that work as intermediaries inflate prices to earn on the sale;
  • insert the alerts: if you have found a price you like but you want to take some time to think about it better then insert an alert, this will allow you to be warned of price changes both increasing and decreasing;
  • subscribe to newsletters, social networks and bots: it is always good to follow the official social accounts or subscribe to the newsletter of the airlines because the latter often communicate last minute offers and special sales. These are channels that the companies use to arouse the interest of potential customers so often you can only find here special offers;
  • always keep an eye on sites like it is better to insert alerts here too so as to keep an eye on the price variations of air flights. It’s all based on errors caused by companies’ automated reservation management systems or currency conversion bugs. Another similar site is Secret Flying, which you can use if your destination is in the US. A third option is Jetradar, useful for keeping an eye on low-cost companies. 

4. Every method counts

A method at the limit of legality is the one that concerns the use of VPNs, Virtual Private Networks. In this way, the system is deceived into believing that it is in one place compared to another, because often flights within a country cost more if bought abroad.

Another way is the one suggested by the Skiplagged website, which reveals how sometimes it is convenient to travel without taking the last leg of a flight with a stopover. In short: I want to go from A and B, but I choose the flight that goes from A to B to C but I do not take the flight that goes from B to C, of course this is possible if you travel only with hand luggage otherwise our suitcase would go alone up to C. Definitely a strategy that airlines don’t like.

5. Informed, you never know

Finally, it is always good to read the information and rules defined by the various airlines. This is because each airline has its own, just think of the size and weight of hand luggage. 

Another precaution, in case you were to take on more luggage, you should buy the additional package at the time of booking and never at the last in the airport. 

In addition, pay attention to the credit cards with which you pay, in some cases there are extra commissions depending on the circuit.


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