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You’re on the moon: you’ve finally been granted a holiday after so much time and now you have the extraordinary opportunity to choose a travel experience to escape. The next step is to organize!

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid. It may seem like a foregone conclusion, but it can make the difference between an epic journey and a nightmarish journey.

Whether your trip is organized «do-it-yourself» or you have chosen to buy your own flights but ground services from an operator (for example Blueberry Travel), it makes very little difference. It often happens that we also manage flights directly to our travelers, but it is good to pay attention to some simple rules.

1. Flight prices change

Air fares do not always remain the same. Factors such as the days before departure, the sales trend or the airline’s forecast of the flight being filled can significantly change the price, even after a few hours. Moreover, online purchases do not include the possibility of blocking the fare for a few days without making the purchase, so be careful and constantly check the flights.

2. Flight comparison engines

The inexperienced user sings victory when he finds extraordinarily advantageous airfares. This is because the flight comparison engines return the lowest absolute fare regardless of the number of stopovers, the hours between flights and the presence or absence of baggage. It happens that, after a careful control, it verifies that the advantageous flight foresees 2 or more stopovers with 8-10 hours between one flight and the other. Always read the flight schedule carefully before shouting at a miracle.

3. Airline

Have you established that the price is advantageous? Are the flight schedules ok? Perfect, now the most valuable tip: buy directly on the airline’s website! In fact, many sites that offer the sale of flights, add important management fees. If you do everything yourself, it’s because you’re a bit of an expert and want to save money. What saving is it not to pay the fees to an agency but to pay them instead (higher) to a search engine? In addition, if necessary, it is always good to interface directly with the customer service of the airline.

4. Check the type of fare

Check the fare rules for the ticket you’re buying. Very advantageous fares and on offer usually do not provide for any refund. More flexible fares may offer a partial refund in the event of cancellation or relocation of the trip to other dates.

5. Check your baggage

Nowadays also the airlines, and also in the long range, offer in the basic fare (the cheapest) only the hand luggage, and for the hold one is required the payment of additional figures. If you are on a long journey, you will probably need checked-in baggage, so always check this detail as well.

What if I cancel my flight?

The airline must warn you and propose a re-routing, that is an alternative proposal with other airlines, to reach the destination of your choice. Alternatively, if you do not accept re-routing, the airline will offer you a refund.


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